"The game is covert, not overt."

Elrader Browning

In Bloodshed, Author Dennis Haywood goes deep into the life of street hustler Big Sam as he plots to avenge an old loss against Dilly by trying to kidnap Jason for ransom money. While this is going on, the Feds are on the prowl for Big Sam to drop Gang-Injunction charges on him.

Veronica Loving and Jazzmine Jackson had the  courage to tell their story of abuse and deceit. In Feeding a Monster Veronica paints a clear picture of the cycle she was born into and continued to be a part of until it was too late. Victims often wear blinders and Veronica and Jazzmine have discarded theirs.

In the book Weight, Author Darryl Reed gives an in-depth version of his life on the streets of Oakland and how he grew to rule those streets at the ripe age of 16. Young Darryl stood over a drug empire that had come from his predecessors and he drove it to depths unknown before that time.

So Many Great Books 

Concrete Jungle 


​By Darryl Reed